10th July. How to look after your Sourdough starter.


In this evening workshop you learn how to look after your sourdough starter and shape your own fougasse and pizza bases to take home.

I will share my starter with you, you will feed and mix your own and we talk about all the practical and scientific things you need to look after it. A strong starter is the first step to making good bread.
I also will have some dough ready to shape into fougasse and pizza bases- which we will bake together to take home.
You will leave with a sourdough starter, a booklet how to look after it, some fougasse and pizza and lots of questions answered.
Group size:6
Cost: $75
Please note that you won’t learn how to make dough or bake bread in this little workshop as the focus is on learning about the care of a sourdough starter. This course is best suited to someone who already has some experience with making dough and baking bread.
If you would like to learn the whole process of making dough and baking bread- join me on my 5h workshop ‘ introduction to sourdough baking’. Or contact me with interest in any other topics and Ican customize the content.

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Sourdough starter

Wednesday 10th July