Echt’s learning guide to make and bake sourdough bread


I have initially written this 25 page guide for using alongside my Beginner’s sourdough workshop but people have found it a great resource in starting their sourdough journey.
The guide aims at helping you understand the process of fermentation and baking with sourdough. Using your senses, grasping fermentation principles and knowing why you do things a certain way, will give you so much more flexibility and knowledge than a rigid recipe.
The guide covers:
– What is sourdough
– How to nurture and feed your sourdough starter, making it strong and reliable to rise your bread.
– how do you know that your sourdough is healthy
– Feeding ratios, schedules and understanding how to manipulate timelines
– Baking terms and process explained
– Country loaf recipe
– Helpfull links

This booklet comes with a free sourdough starter.
Please note that this booklet is A5 size, horizontal layout. Pages are not bound but held together with a sturdy metal clip.
Please don’t duplicate this booklet. Thank you

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Introduction to sourdough baking booklet

Printed A5 Booklet


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