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  • Sourdough workshops & pizza nights , WEDNESDAY 13th March

    Beginners Sourdough bread making

    In this 5 hour workshop you will learn how to maintain your sourdough starter and make your own country loaf dough.
    You learn how to shape the dough and take two shaped loaves home for baking alongside some pizza dough. This course will provide you with a foundation knowledge of the process of making, fermenting and baking dough. You will …

  • WEDNESDAY 13th March

    Country loaf (sourdough)

    My Country loaf and Sesame loaf is made with sprayfree white flour from our local mill and 15% organic, freshly milled wholemeal flour.



  • WEDNESDAY 13th March , WEDNESDAY 6th March

    Hot cross buns & German Easter Butter knots with pearl sugar

    My HOT CROSS BUNS are made with a combination of sourdough and a slow overnight yeast preferment contributing to a great keeping quality.

    My melt in the mouth GERMAN EASTER HAGEL SUGAR KNOTS are made with more butter and eggs than the hot cross buns. I liooove the hagelsugar- (pearl sugar) which gives it a perfect sweet crunch.

  • WEDNESDAY 13th March

    Organic wholemeal Rhineland (Sourdough)

    This loaf is close to my heart.
    In my opinion it is the moistest, healthiest and best ‘keeper’ of all my loaves.
    I love it on so many levels:
    *The fact that it is local- I pick up the rye and wheat grain from Scottsburn farm in Methven.
    *I mill all the flour for this loaf myself- so it is truly whole grain. Freshly …

  • WEDNESDAY 13th March

    Sourdough Sandwich (Seed or plain)

    TOASTED SEEDS : The seeded sandwich bread combines the nutty flavour of the seeds with a lovely soft textured sourdough crumb.


  • Sourdough workshops & pizza nights , WEDNESDAY 13th March

    Sourdough starter & Pizza night

    In this evening event you get to top and eat your own sourdough pizza while you learn how to look after your sourdough starter.
    I will share my starter with you, you will feed and mix your own and we talk about all the practical and scientific things you need to look after it. A strong starter is the first step …