Why ‘echt’?

Echt is a german word that translates to ‘real, authentic and genuine’. And my philosophy is to make a simple and delicious loaf of sourdough bread for you.

This is how I do it:

Simple ingredients: Flour, water, salt, and lots of time.No commercial yeast is used in any of my breads.   

Local and fresh: I source my rye and wheat grains from an organic farm in Canterbury. I source my white and light rye flours from a local mill. I mill my wholemeal flours myself. This gives it the highest level of nutrients and flavour.

A simple and authentic process

I use natural fermentation with the use of a sourdough culture. A stable sourdough culture contains naturally occurring ‘good bacteria’ and ‘wild’ yeasts which assist in maturing the dough. The sourdough culture consist of flour and water which is nurtured over time.

I give the dough time to develop depth of flavour. This can take anything between 24 and 30 hours depending on the type of bread.